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Wilsons Promontory VIC



Hike The Prom, one of the best loved hikes in Australia. Following the coast, with turquoise blue beaches,  ferny glades, huge granite boulders covered in orange lichens on your way to the southernmost point of the Australian Mainland.  With 53km of good track hiking, this walk has a lot to offer. The Campsites are shady and most are set close to beautiful sandy beaches. For a luxury overnight accommodation spoil yourself at the historic lighthouse which can only be reached by foot. Enjoy the wildlife as you will see wombats, wallabies, possums and a mix of interesting reptiles.


Distance – 53km

Where do I Start – take the bus from Tidal River to Telegraph Saddle and start from there

Where do I finish – walk the loop around to Tidal River

This is a great walk and not too hard. It does have some steep uphills and slippery sections. Water is generally available and signs advise treating the water. On Total Fire Ban Days you will not be able to use a cooker or any open flame so make sure you plan for water treatment that does not require boiling your water and food that does not need cooking. Total Fire Ban Days mostly occur in summer.

If you have the $$ I encourage you to stay at he lighthouse for a night on your hike. It is a wonderful experience to feel like a lighthouse keeper in the houses they used to live in.

Love the wild Australian native animals. Wombats are out at night and early in the morning. Wallabies can be around all day. Snakes live in the bush so just make sure, if the weather is warm, that you move noisily through the bush. Stop if you see a snake and it will move off the track. Then just keep hiking. Step onto rather than over logs – a snake may be basking on the other side. But don’t worry very few people are bitten by snakes.

When to come – Wilsons Prom can be hiked at any time. It can be wet and cold in winter but maybe that’s a good time to visit the Lighthouse! From October to end of May is usually reliable. But of course being in the southern oceans weather change is the norm. I love the Prom all the time! Take your wet weather gear and your sunhat!



Wilsons Promontory VIC


Wilsons Promontory VIC


Wilsons Promontory VIC

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