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Come with us and explore Australia.

We have been hiking and cycling for years and want our natural environment to be loved, experienced, looked after and preserved for the next millennia.

Our mappers are all just as passionate as we are. If you’d like to help just email us on

Guthook Guides Australia New Zealand

We want to give other hikers the confidence and knowledge to go hiking without having to carry heavy books. The best solution had to be a reliable, easy to use, quality electronic product that works out in the bush where there is no mobile coverage.

A sense of community is important so our hikers are able to add and share comments.

More Hikers Trust Guthook Guides.

We are working together with Guthook Guides LLC who are specialists in providing offline route mapping for many of the long distance hikes in the USA and beyond.

With thousands of hikers using Guthook Guides every year we know they are reliable, up to date and easy to use. 

For Long Distance Cycle Touring use Cyclewayz app.

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