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Australians are bushwalkers. In such a vast country there are plenty of stunning, wide landscapes to explore.

Bushwalking in Australia includes everything from the arid Outback, to verdant, lush rainforests to amazing wild coasts with crystal blue oceans and long stretches of empty white sandy beaches.

Australia is geographically as big as the USA or most of Europe. With only 24 m people there are plenty of beautiful spots to get away and explore on your own.

You can bushwalk any time. North in winter, South in summer!

New Zealanders love tramping. No wonder- New Zealand is full of some of the most awesome landscapes in the southern hemisphere.

From rugged mountain peaks to native forests, lakes and rivers, precipitous gorges and enormous valleys…there’s a tramp for everyone!

In this island nation there are plenty of tracks to explore for every level of experience.  Check out the best time of year for your New Zealand tramp as New Zealand has lots of alpine areas and snow on both islands.

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